Need a programming job done? I can help!

My primary skills:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JS
  4. Java
  5. Bash / Fish shell scripts


These prices are only an estimate. The final price will be based on the amount of effort needed for the project!Example: An incredibly basic HTML document will likely be less than 10$. Whereas a complicated one, and or any frameworks I would potentially need to learn will cost more.
You will always receive a final price before work begins!
  1. HTML: $30
  2. CSS: $45
  3. JS: $60
  4. TS: $70
  5. Reverse Engineering JS: 100$
  6. Bash / Fish shell scripts: $20-30
Astro, EJS, or any other SSG can be substituted for HTML at a tiny fee :)
Unfortunately I can't work for free, but I feel like my prices are fair. If you want to hire me, please contact me here!
If you want to collaborate on a project or work together, feel free to contact me! I very well could be interested.